Group Layers in Layer List Widget

09-21-2020 02:38 PM
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Does anyone have any ideas on how to take a long list of feature layers in your web map and group them?  I want the groups to have check boxes like a regular layer.



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You could perhaps make groups on map level, before to publish your portal.
Otherwise you could/should probably edit the LayerList widget.

I made a change not in order to group layers as you want, but to add section titles between layers.
I made this in ...\widgets\LayerList\LayerListView.js, under drawListNode function.
It's probably were you should have a look.

Best regards and good luck

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Thanks!  I will look into it.  I also found some ideas from Xiadong Wang from Esri in another question.  There is also an item out on the Internet from Innovate Inc. for a GroupedLayerListWidget.  I'm going to try to go through them all and understand them.  Thanks again.

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