Error in attribute table widget v1.1

04-01-2015 01:35 PM
New Contributor III

I am trying to port my modifications of the attribute table widget that I made in 1.0 over to 1.1 and I have a small issue.

It seems that the highlightRow() method is not working, specifically on line 649:

var rowsPerPage = this.grids[this.layersIndex].get("rowsPerPage");

this returns undefined and fails a few lines later when trying to use the values of ‘pages’ which is NaN.

I can’t see anywhere in the attribute table widget’s code where highlightRow() is called normally (except for onGraphicClick() which is commented out in initSelectedLayer()  )   so I can’t compare and see if it is working outside my attempt to call it in order to highlight rows impacted by my spatial selection widget.

Any idea why this.grids[this.layersIndex].get("rowsPerPage"); is returning undefined?

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