Elevation profile widget and own DEM

03-17-2017 01:29 AM
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I have a couple of questions about doing this.

My previous flex set-up used the elevationSOE with a published DEM in 10.1 and I pointed the elevation profile widget to that. From my research, I'm getting the impression that the only way to replicate this in 10.5 is to publish a gp service using Spatial and 3D analyst licenses, which I currently don't have.

1. Is there another way without the licenses similar to using the elevationSOE?

2. If there isn't another way, am I right in thinking that I need both Spatial and 3D Analyst extensions on ArcMap and Server?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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 See this doc:


See the How to set up the profile service.docx inside the download.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the link. I have seen this and my reading of it (and the comments) was that there wasn't another way - I guess I was just hoping for a workaround I hadn't stumbled upon. It seems we have hit a dead end on this subject unless we can convince the powers that be to upgrade our licenses.

Thanks again.

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