Web App Builder Developer Edition: Customize Geo Processing Widget

05-31-2019 12:06 PM
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How can I Customized the geo processing widget?

How can i show a working widget on the my development section under the SimpleWidget folder?

Side Note: I have created a GP Service which is currently consumed by Geo processing widget that is out of the box, but i need to modify the structure of how the parameters(fields) show up in the widget. Also in need to set a particular size on the widget when the user clicks to open it.

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Do you mean you want to set values for your parameters when you open the widget? If so then I used code like this in the onOpen function of mine.

var DT0 = document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_0");
var DT1 = document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_1");
var DT2 = document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_2");
var DT3 = document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_3");
var DT5 = document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_5");
var DT6= document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_6");
var DT7 = document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_7");
var DT8 = document.getElementById("dijit_form_TextBox_8");

DT0.value = this.map.extent.xmin
DT1.value = this.map.extent.ymin;
DT2.value = this.map.extent.xmax;
DT3.value = this.map.extent.ymax;
if (DT5){
DT5.value = this.map.extent.xmin;
if (DT6){
DT6.value = this.map.extent.ymin;
if (DT7){
DT7.value = this.map.extent.xmax;
if (DT8){
DT8.value = this.map.extent.ymax;

You can change how the fields order/display in the widget edit mode. If you want to change the size of widget and it is opening in a panel you can use something along these lines.

var panel = this.getPanel();
//panel.position.width = 400;
panel.position.height= 600;

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Jamal, Thanks for the reply.

But I was wondering how to make those changes, since the out of the box code you see on the widgets seems to be like spaghetti code and hard to follow. But I managed to make the changes on the sizes of the text boxes and stuff.


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Are you using the Web App Builder Developer Edition? It sounds like you are using the online version.

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