street view from dual maps has advertisement

08-31-2018 06:37 AM
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Google street view solutions using dual maps (mapchannels) now have an advertising popup :(

I have noticed this in a few sites that use the street view widget, they are now are seeing an advertisement before getting to street view. This is unsettling because the ad appears to install software if clicked.

Anyone find a way to bypass the ad window?

screen capture of ad window attached

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Hi Pat, Google has dropped the hammer, as they have long been planning to. They are requiring you to buy an API key for a certain level of use. Unfortunately they do not see the value of getting more eyeballs on the platform, even though I'd think it would ultimately would get them more ad revenue.

For now, you could use my Google Earth Widget If they blockade that, I'll make one for Bing or use Cyclorama or Mapillary or something. 

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Kevin does that mean if I have an api key I'm able to use the google street view widget?

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I know you can put the key in the URL. It is a question of the terms of service. If it opens separately it seems potentially okay but I would check the terms. Esri would probably be happy to integrate, like how tightly they integrate with Microsoft. Google's probably losing revenue as they could increase traffic to their platform. I hope one day they will come around.

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