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06-16-2020 02:01 AM
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Hi Robert,

Thanks for the wonderful work.

I have few questions as i would be using this widget in my application.

1) On map click the popup is configured in map of arcgis portal. Whereas i want this widget to show the details. What needs to be done to force this widget to open when clicked on map.

2) The location where i click has both Point and polygon . If i click on point both point and polygon is displayed but when i click on polygon only polygon is displayed. How can i get all features within that click.

3) The Next and Previous button is hidden.

4) Also i have many features on same location which is handled by paging. Can i get all features to be displayed in popup with out paging.

Thanks in Advance

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1. This is as simple as enabling the widget to open at startup. Which is a standard WAB widget configurable option.


The widget added from the widgets collection can be set to open automatically when apps start. To do so, click the dot on the widget to change it to dark green. A maximum of two widgets can open automatically: one is on the controller and another in the placeholder.

2. It is not an option to get the point that is inside the polygon that is clicked on.

3. Not sure why you are not seeing the next and previous buttons. They are showing fine in my live preview app. https://gis.calhouncounty.org/WAB/V2.13/widgets/PopupPanel/index.html 

4. No that is not an option

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Hi Robert,

In my custom widget i have a datagrid and on row click i am showing the location and infowindow on map.

Below is my code used.




Whereas I have Popup Panel widget set for enabling the widget to open at startup. Where this.map.infoWindow is not displayed. 

What code i need to replace the above code so that content will be displayed in Popup Panel.



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