Pass uploaded shapefile/feature to select widget (or similar)

11-16-2022 09:24 AM
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Hello everyone, 

 We have a use case that we can't quite work through currently within Web Appbuilder. Our workflow is: 

  • A user uploads a shapefile of a site/parcel polygon
  • We need to perform an intersect / spatial selection of all layers in the app based on that uploaded shape/feature (simple intersect for selection is fine).
  • We then pass this selection set from all layers to a custom geoprocessing service that will generate a report summary and print series.

We have the first and last parts of the workflow, but we are struggling to find a way to pass the uploaded feature / layer as the area to use for the select widget. Since the uploaded feature is added to the app temporarily as a layer, it would be ideal if we could just point the select widget to the layer list and let the user select the temp feature as the selection shape. 

Has anyone here tried anything like this or have any other ideas as to how we might be able to use an uploaded feature as a source to run an intersect/spatial selection for other layers? As far as environment goes, we are still using the older Javascript 3.x apps/widgets until some remaining functionality is available in Experience builder / 4.x. 


Thanks for any help and ideas you might have. 



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