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06-03-2015 11:57 PM
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Hi WABers

I am looking to build a custom widget to accept messages from a local desktop C# app and pass those messages to the Data manager to be processed by other custom widgets.

What I am looking to do is have the widget, load on startup and register some sort of handle for the web app instance with the C# app. Then the C# app at some point down the track could send a message back to the widget using the handle. Don't know if this is technically possible, but thought I would ask to see if anyone knows if this can be done.

My fall back position would be for the widget to poll a local file for some content placed in it by the C# app, but I would like to avoid the polling approach if possible.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know how does the browser app handle native app message, but maybe webdriver can give some help.

This is a link about Selenium webdriver: Selenium WebDriver

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