Identify Widget not interpreting grouped layers well?

07-15-2020 05:10 PM
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We're using the Identify widget as the base of our widget, and started back in October. Well AGOL added grouped layers a couple of months ago. For stability reasons we switched our map to one that has grouped layers in it, and we can't really switch back because the client it's going to will keep it that way.

The identify widget does generate it's results correctly in that all of the layers that we add in the UI get recognized, but now they don't seem to fully honor the order that we specified in the widget setup UI or the order in the table of contents of the map. The first tier of groups seems to be correct, but the stuff within them doesnt. We have subgroups within the groups and they seem to get placed out of order, and their children layers seem to also be placed out of order.

I was impressed that it worked with the grouped layers without any additional changes, but then I realized we lost our ordering.

Any thoughts on code we can add to change this?

Since we didnt modify anything to do with the sorting portion of the Identify widget, I'm not sure that I have any code or anything that I can post here. Let me know if you need anything further from me to help answer this question!

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