How to include popmotion animation lib, in WAB (Developer Edition) 3D web app?

07-13-2021 03:03 AM
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I'm developing custom widgets for WAB (Develper Edtion) 2.20, Launchpad Theme, on 3D Scenes (ArcGIS API for javascript 4.20). I am still a newbie.

I want to use the "popmotion" library for animations, but I do not know how to "include" it the right way...

I saw in eseri article Feature selection styles in web scenes: the defaults and beyond 

towards the end of "Style 3 - Display the bounding box of the feature" it is written:

On a final note, have a look at the animations that our colleague Hugo added to the bounding box:

and this example uses "popmotion" animation and runs ok in code-pen,

but When I copied what I see in code-pen into html page, it turned out that "popmotion" lib is not included and I get error.

I attach here a zip of my index.html file 

I will appreciate help in how to include the "popmotion" lib, so the html page will run ok.



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