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08-12-2020 09:53 AM
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The Grouped LayerList widget provides a LayerList that can be organized by custom themes/groups. When the Grouped LayerList widget is configured in the Web Application Builder, themes/groups can be created and layers within the web map associated with the application can be grouped into those themes. Each layer within a theme has options for changing the layer transparency, enable/disable popups, changing layer symbology, viewing the attribute table, and showing item details depending on the layer type.

Over the past year Innovate has worked with World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Norway/UK to make this new widget a reality. Thanks to the generosity of the WWF, we have been allowed to make this widget available to the Web AppBuilder community.  Below is a link to a short video to demonstrate how the widget works.  We have also created a public GitHub repository, so others in the community can use the code at no cost!

Live Demo: ArcGIS Web Application 

Demo Video:

How to configure video:



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is this custom widget still available for use? 

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I have been using this widget at work for almost 2 years. It recently started causing errors. As soon as the layer list widget is opened in WAB layers and the basemap fail to render when zooming in and out. If a layer is turned off and back on it will render at that scale, but it will not render again if you zoom in or out. It does this in all browsers.

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I have the same problem as you. Have you been able to solve that issue ?

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