Change Widget Color When In Use

07-11-2020 03:50 AM
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Is there a way to change the color of the widget when something in that widget is being referenced? i.e.

Filter Widget -- 

'Filter Example' --

Widget image turns 'green' to indicate it is in use and stays 'green' when clicked off widget pop-up.

Hope this makes sense and I hope more there is something that can do this! I was thinking maybe through the config.json maybe?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Jamie,

I would just hold a global "flag" (variable) and switch it on/off when used/unused.

Although, this might need to be injected into the application's js file, to be in the global scope and not a specific widget.

A cleaner solution would be to create a Dojo module - a separate class, which will hold that flag. Load that module as part of the application and display the color based on the flag.

Another idea would be to use Dojo topic module - publish and subscribe to change the color when needed - 

there many ways of doing this


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