Can you open a pop-up by clicking a legend item in Web AppBuilder?

09-30-2020 10:27 AM
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Is there a way to open the pop-up box by clicking on an item in a legend in a Web AppBuilder application? Initially the person who made this request wanted me to open up a second map and zoom to the extent of the point that was clicked. I achieved this by using HTML code in the About widget to make it look like a Legend widget. With HTML, I was able to specify a URL in a href tag that opened the second map to the desired extent. Now the person wants a click on a "legend" item to instead open up that item's pop-up box in the current map (just like when you click on the point in the map). I can't think of a way that I can access the Web AppBuilder's pop-up box by using HTML code in the About widget. Can anyone think of a method that would work? My fear is that I would need to download this application so that I could make a custom application by adding JavaScript to my About "legend" that would duplicate how the pop-up box appears in the Web AppBuilder app when a user clicks on the point in the map. 

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This is sort of an aside regarding your comment on WAB. It's really not much work to switch from WAB to WABDE and it gives you additional options to mess around with the code and test changes without having to work in your production environment.

The 10.9 upgrade ate every one of our WAB projects (they all broke and Esri was unable to do anything to help) so to recover we immediately migrated 100% to using WABDE (aka WAB Developer Edition) and we've been there since May. 

This provides more "distance" between ArcGIS Enterprise and the applications, they now live outside it in a separate folder in the web server where future upgrades will be totally unable to touch them. (All of MY apps were already built with WABDE and were completely unscathed by the 10.9 upgrade!) 

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