Mapillary Street-Level Imagery Widget v.0.0.1

05-05-2016 01:54 PM
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Mapillary Street-Level Imagery Widget v.0.0.1

A new widget for Web App Builder to view your webmaps in photos. 

(More about Mapillary for ArcGIS.)

This version allow users to:

  • Activate/deactivate current coverage
  • Interact with the map / mapillary viewer
  • Setup if the coverage will be shown by default
  • Setup Mapillary clientId

This Mapillary view-only widget is free for testing and development. We are working on releasing an enhanced widget for viewing and editing webmaps.  (You can already check out the edit functionality in the Mapillary for ArcGIS web app, or try the web app demo.)

Please send feedback and questions to

Github Repo

Live Demo

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.28.08 PM.png

No coverage in your area? Check out the Capture Guide for creating your own street level imagery. Email us for a mount for your car or bike.

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Anonymous User

This is very, very interesting. Thank you for posting Janine Yoong

This could be revolutionary for local government. Sure it's not perfect like StreetView but kind of like Nearmap's business model, it's for years in between professionally captured Streetview or Bing or Cyclorama. It's more up-to-date potentially. The site says it's free for personal and non-commercial use. it also for local government? I am not sure how to parse the logic lf "For private and non-commercial use Mapillary will always be free."

What is the business model? You want to get coverage up for major cities asap I imagine. Do you pay drivers for collecting imagery?  And if that's the case count me in!

Also just a business tip.. but have you all considered partnering with Uber or Lyft and getting their drivers in on this? They drive all over, vs most people that commute fixed routes.

Looks great!

Thanks Janine!

I would also like to add that any ideas/suggestions are welcome:

Issues · mapillary/Mapillary-WebAppWidget · GitHub

Hi Kevin MacLeod​, Janine Yoong​ asked me to tell you that she is having troubles logging to answer your question, she also told me that she is more than welcome to answer any of your questions but at this time she only can do that by email (, at least until this problem with GeoNet gets fixed.

Best regards,


Hi Kevin MacLeod​. Thanks for the thoughtful comments!

Street View is indeed a thing of beauty, since the data is collected by high-end equipment that Google owns and controls.  The device-agnostic approach that Mapillary takes can't match that level of quality, but has its own set of advantages: when you can create your own street view, you can control where, when and how often you capture it.  (And, unlike Google, you can actually license the imagery and data for your GIS work).

Creating street-level imagery for public viewing on Mapillary is free for everyone: individuals, government, even for commercial businesses. (We hope to get more local governments contributing public photos to drive open data efforts.)   We charge for viewing the imagery in private projects or within your own tools -- e.g. ArcGIS.  This means: the widget for ArcGIS is free for testing and development, but would be priced on a monthly subscription plan in production.

The Uber/Lyft idea is great.  We can think of a number of municipal services with fleets that we'd like to "borrow" e.g.,  public buses, taxicabs, delivery, garbage haulers, parking enforcers.  Imagine getting fresh, daily street views of your town just from a garbage hauler making its rounds every day.

Thanks for the great questions.

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Anonymous User

Janine & Raul...this could really take off. I am glad you see the wisdom in not being too restrictive, at first, and letting people test it. The product will depend on people using it and gaining broad adoption. The more data, the better. I hope it takes off.

You're essentially the 'NearMap' of StreetView.  (They sell orthos which while less accurate than a standard ortho but much cheaper so you can do them more often and are therefore more current, to fill in those 'in between' years).  The use of municipal fleets i.e. garbage trucks, or maybe USPS is a great idea. Or perhaps you could have UPS or FedEx as clients, that collect imagery and you provide a viewer and help them improve logistics.

added to the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition - Customization Resource List​   (sorry, missed release announcement in early May...still had the "under development" post).  Thanks.

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