Web AppBuilder Developer Edition 2.10 beta is available

09-27-2018 03:31 PM
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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) 2.10 beta version is available in the Early Adopter Community. It syncs up with the latest Web AppBuilder in AGOL September 18 update. Click on this link to access the latest beta version.

Developer Edition 2.10 introduces a new Pocket theme designed for apps embedded in websites, story maps, or other locations with surrounding context, where only one widget is supported in a panel positioned on the left or the right. In addition, multiple widgets have been improved. You can now find layers by typing a keyword in Layer List, use Search to support typing coordinates in the search box to locate a place on the map, set dynamic maximum and minimum values dependent on data configured in Extra Data source for the gauge in Infographic, and hide or customize filter labels in Query. With 3D Daylight, you can now choose a date to reflect the sun’s position at different times. For more information, see the blog.

Please use the Forums within the Early Adopter Community to communicate all your observations and feedback.

Thank you!

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