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System Modernization of Our Most Precious Resource

05-28-2020 09:52 AM
Esri Contributor

San Juan Water District underwent a modernization transformation in implementing an organization wide GIS program. The District went from standalone business processes into an integrated information system with GIS as its backbone. The project centered in engineering services and its migration from a two desktop CAD system into Enterprise GIS. The enterprise GIS migration included the implementation of the Esri Utility Network Management Extension enabling the engineering department to share system information to allow for data access and network tracing in the field. The Utility network enabled the GIS system to act as a true digital twin with the network connectivity reflecting attributes such as open, and closed valves, allowing the organization to quickly decipher how many assets are connected in a small neighborhood, pressure zone, or retail service area as a whole. The GIS implementation also included integration with the Customer Service group’s CIS (Tyler Technologies), Operations group’s CMMS (Cityworks) and Engineering Water Modeling program (Innovyze). This nexus of technologies used GIS as the centralized hub of system information integration and provided a common platform for all of the business groups to consolidate and share information with the entire organization.


  • Stephen Ehnat, SJWD
  • Rob Watson, SJWD
  • Randy Olden, HDR
  • Joel Griffin, HDR
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