If you’re using the Attribute Assistant, we need your help!

02-23-2016 07:37 AM
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We’re doing some research into how the Attribute Assistant is being used. We’d like to see what rules you are using and how you configured your dynamic value table. 

This information will help us plan for the future. We want to know what are the most common rules.  We also want to see your gnarly and complicated rules to see how far the Attribute Assistant is being pushed.

So please share your dynamic value table along with any comments you have in this thread. We appreciate your help on this effort!



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PS: If you don’t know what the Attribute Assistant is (or aren’t sure if you are using it already) no worries.  You can learn more about Attribute Assistant on the ArcGIS Solution site here

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Hi Michael,

I use this tool extensively. I have been working at Wingecarribee Shire Council in New South Wales, Australia. We use this tool for managing Water, Sewer, Road and Drainage assets.

Please get the table attached.



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Hi all,

I am having an issue with AA and a value method.  I am trying to sum the value of two columns in to a third (simple enough...).  When I test this on my machine it works fine.  I make an edit to the Surface_IA field and it then sums the Bldg_IA and the Surface_IA into the Total_IA field. When my tech makes the same edits, the FEATURE_STATS sum rule does not work and the Total_IA does not get updated.

Her AA toolbar is active and she is using a copy of the same MXD just on a different machine.  Does anyone have any ideas???  I am puzzled.  This is a versioned workspace and she is working in a child version if that makes any difference.


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Could you turn on the log file? That will help us track down what is going on.

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I will do that and let you know what we get, thank you!!!

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I'm using an older version because the newer versions haven't added anything I need yet.  Another mentioned a port over to ArcGIS Pro.  I would like to see this too, even a simplified version.  Not because I use pro, but because the lack of this tool is holding me back from trying Pro. 

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I use Attribute primarily Assistant for editing road center lines.  Methods I use include COPY_LINKED_RECORD to transfer related street name components from the Master Street Name table, EXPRESSION to update a variety of fields in response to user edits, INTERSECTING_FEATURE for Zip Code, City, and map grid info, LAST_VALUE, VALIDATE_ATTRIBUTE_LOOKUP for the Master Street Name Table, and X_COORDINATE and Y_COORDINATE for the line end coordinate data.

For the Master Street Name table I use CASCADE_ATTRIBUTE, COPY_LINKED_RECORD, EXPRESSION, GENERATE_ID, and LAST_VALUE to concatenate name components, provide upper and lower case forms of each name, and fully spell out street types for recorded names.

I also have used the GENERATE_ID method for several other feature classes.

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I use Attribute Assistant to minimize errors and optimize data entry for our addressing techs. The primary methods we use:

  • EXPRESSION  (nothing crazy here -- just concatenating parsed out address fields)
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For address management I think the OTB dynamic value rules have a bad expression example. For SiteAddressPoints the rule/expression for ADDRNUM  combines [PREADDRNUM] + " " + [ADDRNUM] + " " [ADDRNUMSUF]. I've found that this will update the existing ADDRNUM but append changed values making it incorrect. For example using a duplex with a 1/2 address: 123 1/2; change the prefix to R and ADDRNUM will then update to be R 123 1/2 1/2. I tried different means to compare text, or lengths but couldn't create a perfect solution. I think the ADDRNUM is really supposed to be the core part of the address number and should remain independent of the prefix and suffix. The solution I have is to do the combination in the FULLADDR expression.

Trim([PREADDRNUM] + " " + [ADDRNUM] + " " + [ADDRNUMSUF] + " " + [FULLNAME] + " " + [UNITTYPE] + " " + [UNITID] + " " + [ALTUNITTYPE] + " " + [ALTUNITID]).

For labeling you can use the VBS expression: Trim(replace([FULLADDR], [FULLNAME], ""))

or Python: [FULLADDR].replace( [FULLNAME], '').strip()

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Hi Steve,

Good catch, as you described that expression is going to cause problems as you modify the address number prefix or suffix. Your solutions sounds like a solid approach. We will look into resolving this in a future release.



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Hi All,

I am having some issues using Attribute Assistant.

When I digitize new features, attribute assistant works great.

For this example we can look at the Generate a new Facility ID rule. Each

time a new feature gets added, a new Facility ID should get entered.

Works fine for me.

When my co-worker tries to add new features, it does not work. It also

does not work if I try to run the Create Rules.

Her version is a child version of my version. When I look at the AA

settings, she does not have a log file where I have one set up in my


Any ideas???

Jessica Gooch

Water Resources Asset Manager

City of Portland, ME




**please don't print this email unless you REALLY have to***

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