Write Input Files into ArcSWAT

05-16-2011 11:40 AM
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I am running a simulation to determine where a pollution plume will end up using ArcSWAT. Everything works except when I reach the part to write input files, for some reason, my weather and rainfall data doesnt work. I have named the fields correctly etc etc but I'm still getting error messages..any suggestions??
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Many potential issues. But see if the ArcSWAT 2009 project contacts at the ARS / BRC Temple, TX or at TAMU College Station, TX can offer any help with your model:

Questions on Model Input/Output

    Nancy Sammons (nancy.sammons@ars.usda.gov)
    Jeff Arnold (jeff.arnold@ars.usda.gov)

Model Support

    Mike White (mike.white@ars.usda.gov)

Good luck.

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