Using multiple TINs in GeoRAS

05-18-2010 08:22 AM
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I am looking to do some hydraulic modeling on some rivers that are over 400 stream miles in length, and will need to use multiple, overlapping TINs.  My question is, does using the multiple TINs approach over a single TIN present disadvantages in GeoRAS?  For example, will a cross section that covers two separate TINs run into elevation issues?

Anyone who has experience in this effort that can provide some guidance would be extremely helpful.  Thanks!

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      Sorry for the late response, but this forum is focused on the plant, distribution and collection systems.  We have a team, ArcHydro Team, dedicated to water resources.  Their forum has not been migrated to the new forums yet, so I cannot move you question, so can you post it in their forum.  I sent them a note with your question, but it would benefit the community if they responded on the forum so everyone can see their answer.
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