Prevent polygon feature (catchment) overlap

08-22-2015 12:55 AM
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My aim is to calculate catchments for around 150 points and to extract land-use variables for them. In order to do so I need a vector dataset where no polygons overlap. This, however, seems to be a challenging task.

Presume, that I already calculated the catchments for all 150 points (see Figure 1; here only points 1-6 are visualized):

  • How do I get from the overlapping catchment features in Figure 1 to the none overlapping catchment features in Figure 2?
  • How can I associate the catchment features to previous overlaps? I thought of adding up the IDs (see 'Sum ID Overlap' in the attribute table in Figure 2). Can this be done automatically?



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It may be easier to just do run each adjoint catchment one at a time through zonal statistics.

Re: Zonal Statistics as Table: Overlapping Polygons: Solution Required

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