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04-28-2011 01:33 PM
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I am receiving the following error message when importing RAS data back into GeoRAS:

Error in clsMFlood Read RAS: Read RAS No AppFrameWk!

I am using ARCGIS 9.3.1 and HEC GeoRAS 4.2.93 that I downloaded awhile ago directly from the Corps website and deleated the old AppFrame work and XML Data Exchange that was required prior to GeoRAS downloading. It creates an empty bounding polygon and the water surface extents come across as points versus a inundation polygon.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You probably should consider clearing out any out of sync components and installing the January 7th 2011 release of GeoRAS - v4.3.1.31 and its corresponding AppFramework9.

Running the component uninstallers followed by the Apregwork utility is probably your best bet for stable function, especially if you have had multiple versions of the water utilities installed.

See this thread for links and instruction.  Also, if you have GeoHMS or ArcHydro installed you'll need to refresh those as well to the January 7th release (v1.4.0.256 v9.3.1_5.0.0.72 respectively) following the Apregwork run as you need to keep the components in sync.

An ArcHydro release (v2.0.1.41) for ArcGIS Desktop 10 was just made, so updated Readme04292011.doc is available with most current information on all water resources applications components.

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