Export error in HEC-GeoRAS

03-31-2014 01:22 PM
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Has anyone had experience fixing the following problem?

When I attempt to export my data from the GeoRAS extension, it gives the error:failed to create intermediate esri xml file.

I've reinstalled the extension, cleaned temp files/folders, made sure DEM was not located in .gdb, and even shortened the file location paths.

The weird thing is that a couple weeks ago I was able to export fine. Now it just gives this error.

Any help would greatly be appreciated!

EDIT-- I fixed the problem! There was a duplicate of one of the DEMs I'm using in a .gdb within my workspace. After renaming and moving it out of the the folder that contains my work, I am finally able to complete the export! Even if the DEM has nothing to do with Hec-GeoRAS, it needs to be in a separate location.
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