Error creating 3D-lines in GeoRAS

07-04-2011 12:11 AM
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version:    ArcMap 9.3 | Sp 1, HEC- GeoRAS 4.3.93                                              

I have problems using GEORAS to generate HEC-RAS input. I am using ArcMap 9.3 | Sp 1 with the 3D-analyst, spatial analyst, ArcHydro 9 extensions, and HEC- GeoRAS 4.3.93

Following the instructions in the tutorial and working on the Baxter River dataset I experience that:
(1) Selecting "RAS Geometry | Create RAS Layers | All" does not work. Nothing happens. However, if I create one of the layers, e.g. Stream centerline, first, then I can successfully create all the rest by selecting " RAS Geometry | Create RAS Layers | All". Do you know why this is so?

(2) After having digitized the river centerline and  given names to the the reaches, HydroID's are not automatically assigned to the line segments. Instead the line segments continue to have the value <null> in the HydroID-field. Selecting  "RAS Geometry |Stream CenterLine Attributes | Topology" thus produces the following  error message:

"GenerateFNodeWk:2003:HydroID for river feature OID 1 is null."

I can overcome this problem by assigning HydroID's manually, by selecting "Start Editing", rightclick on the segments, select "Attributes" and fill the HydroID-field with the same value as the objectID. After doing this for all the centerline segments I can select " Topology" and "Lengths/Stations" and the attributes are set correctly. However, when I try to use "Elevations" to produce a 3D-line, it results in an error-message:

"91, Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

Elevation is not needed for the river centreline of course, but the same thing happens when I try to generate 3D-lines for the cross-sections: HydroID's are not assigned automatically, assigning them manually brings me a step further, but I get stuck when I try to generate 3D-lines by selecting "Elevation".

Do you know why this occurs, and how it can be fixed? Any help will be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Problem solved.

After uninstalling APFramework, ArcHydro and HEC-GeoRAS, and then reinstalling, problem disappeared.

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