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10-27-2010 02:46 AM
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I'm battling terribly in trying to figure out how to run Batch Terrain Preprocessing from ArcCatalog. I was able to run the Batch Terrain Preprocessing from ArcCatalog using Arc Hydro 1.3 with no problem. The reason that I chose to install Arc Hydro 1.4 was that you are able to generate your own model and use the Batch Preprocessing tool to run the model. The problem that I have is that the Batch Preprocessing Tool in Arc Hydro 1.4 does not set the target locations for each subfolder nor does it create the filegeodatabase to store the vector data and so it fails when you try to run it from ArcCatalog. I urgently need to figure this out as I need to process 642 catchments within the next week. Any help will be appreciated.

I've attached a print screen of my model as well as the errors that I receive....

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