ArcHydro not working in ArcGIS Pro 2.2.1

07-31-2018 05:12 PM
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I have successfully run ArcHydro with previous versions of ArcGIS Pro, but with the latest Pro release I am getting errors with the ArcHydro tools in the toolbox.  Specifically, it does not recognize any raster datasets.  I'm getting Error 032659, as shown in the screen shot below.  I have tried with multiple types of rasters, both in gdbs and outside of gdbs.

I'm wondering if anyone else has come up against this.  I was thinking it might have to do with the new version of Pro having a new python library, and that the ArcHydro tools aren't updated to match yet, but I'm not sure on this.  

Any thoughts?



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currently holding off on the update, but check your python version

import sys

Out[9]: sys.version_info(major=3, minor=6, micro=5, releaselevel='final', serial=0)

# ---- ie 3.6.5 used in PRO 2.2

3.6.6 was minor and I doubt that 3.7 was updated. 

You can search the "pinned" file (in C:\You_install_directory\bin\Python\res) to see if the dependency changed, but I doubt python is the issue

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Any news about this question? Happened the same with archydro on ArcGIS Pro 2.2.4, don't run. Will there be any updated version of archydro?

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There is an updated Arc Hydro Pro install if you want to give it a try: 

However it looks like the issue is with the file not being found. This file should be installed under you PRO home (e.g. c:\program files\ArcGIS\Pro) \Resources\ArcToolBox\Scripts\ArcHydro.

For Python to be able to see the file, the instalationl process also copies the file archydropython.pth which should contains one line with the path above (c:\program files\ArcGIS\Pro\Resources\ArcToolBox\Scripts\ArcHydro) under c:\program files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\Lib\site-packages.

Make sure both files exist and that the pth file points to the correct path.

Christine Dartiguenave

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I installed the most recent version of the ArcHydro Tools (I am running Pro 2.3.2) I found the .pth file here: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\bin\Python\envs\arcgispro-py3\Lib\site-packages and verified the path is correct per your post, then copied the .pth file to both of the directory locations mentioned above. This eliminated the apwrutils error, but on running the Create Drainage Line Structures tool, it appears that the Stream Link and Flow Direction rasters will not write to the 'Layers' project folder and produce the following error: 

ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Contact Esri Technical Support ( to Report a Bug, and refer to the error help for potential solutions or workarounds.
Failed to create raster dataset
Failed to execute (PointToRaster). 


Thanks for any attention to this.


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