Identify music played before sessions start

07-14-2021 10:32 AM
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This is kind of an odd question..

However, if any of you are musically inclined.... Lets figure this out!

Before any of the technical sessions start, the videos typically have 2-4 different songs played for background music. ONE of them has a ripping guitar solo! Does anyone know who played this solo? Any idea where I can find a sample of this song? 

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by Anonymous User
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Thanks for the question, we're looking into this for you. 🎵

Update: This generic music was provided by our event partner and does not have an available artist name or song title. Sorry we can't help but hopefully you can maximize your enjoyment of the music until the end of the conference. Happy listening!

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Puoi definire elencando la tua lista e ora devi solo cercare suonerie, ascoltare e scaricare suonerie gratis.

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