will all streaming sessions be recorded?

07-14-2020 06:55 AM
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Will the sessions (not just plenary) be recorded? There are several occurring at the same time which I would like to attend.

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Hello Katherine,  I just read this on the Sessions page: If you missed a session or want to hear it again, they will be available to watch on demand later in the day.

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I heard the following today from a (well-connected) Esri employee. This is a rumor but from a good source. Your mileage my vary.

It sounds like sessions will be available in the platform for registered attendees only until September 1st, then will continue to be available to the public until UC next year. I don't know any details, though.

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Hi Curtis, Registered attendees will have exclusive access to on-demand conference content until September 1, 2020. After September 1, 2020, select conference content will be available to a broader audience through at least December 31, 2020.