When will be able to navigate ESRI UC using ArcGIS Indoors?

06-18-2022 08:17 PM
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So the ESRI UC is a month out. I got to thinking......it would be pretty amazing.....actually more than amazing to let attendees interface with the ESRI UC using ArcGIS Indoors and navigate using IPS. Biggest GIS conference on earth literally using GIS to help plan, navigate, find, and maximize their conference time and experience. Might be too late for this year, but this just seems like a no brainer idea to me. Please tell me someone has already had this idea, and its "in the works"!

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This is a great idea and thank you for bringing it to our attention. This year at UC, there will indeed be an IPS kiosk in the Esri Showcase. There will be hosted IPS demos from Tuesday - Thursday in the ArcGIS Apps area which you can locate here.

Brianna Ettley
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