What Title Defines the GIS Profession?

05-20-2020 10:58 AM
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What title defines the GIS profession - whether it be Geospatial Analysis or Spatial Science? Around the country and across the globe, Universities, Colleges, and others offer teachings in the foundation of GIS. Their fields of study can vary between them, whether that field is called GIS or Spatial Science. How are these different or how are they the same? Many of these students become professionals, but what is the title of that profession? Using Survey123 as well as other tools, we look to explore the many ways in which the title of GIS can be standardized.

My coworker and I started this because of several reasons, and the biggest being the different answers we knew that we would get. Internet searches of GIS related programs or job postings show many ways the field can be defined.

Down below is the link to the survey to determine what you believe the profession's title should be. We will be presenting these findings at the 2020 Esri User Conference and hopefully many others. The survey takes anywhere between 1 minute to 2 minutes roughly.

For anyone who is in the field of GIS or works in GIS regardless of country or place of work, we encourage you to take and share the survey. If you have any questions or other things to note, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Link to Survey:


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