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Renewable Energy (i.e. solar) User Group Meetups

03-31-2015 11:31 AM
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This is my first Esri UC and hope to maximize the value of it.  What is the best way to connect with GIS professionals (individuals and/or groups) within the renewable energy (i.e. solar) industry?  Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Hi Andy - Wednesday is a big day at the Esr UC in regards to renewable energy. You'll find sessions on modeling solar energy and in you can hear about the Bay Area Rapid Transit's (San Fransisco, CA.)Solar Feasibility Study that they did in partnership with Arup.  From the Agenda: The Center for Sustainable Energy used GIS to locate, model, and plan optimal placement of solar systems throughout Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) territory. The goal was to identify where BART energy demand exists in order to optimize solar energy supply. Peak demand and energy consumption across transmission lines were mapped to find areas of opportunity. Solar system placement and physical constraints were taken into account to maximize cost effectiveness.

See more in the Esri UC Agenda - simply search on 'renewable energy' or any other search term. There are more than 900 sessions - something for everyone!

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Hi Karen,

Thank you for the heads-up on the renewable energy emphasis on Wednesday's sessions, as well as the link to the agenda tools.  Specifically, to your knowledge will there be a formal or informal RE special interest group meet up in addition to the presentations?

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