Map Gallery and Evening Reception for Family?

07-08-2022 08:52 AM
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Are family still allowed at the Map Gallery and Evening Reception on Monday as they have been in past years?

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The details are in the mobile app. Search "Family Night"    Wednesday 4:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  Introduce your friends and family to GIS on Family night in the Expo (SDCC Hall ABC). 

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Thanks but I'm asking about the Monday Night Map Gallery specifically. Any details on that?

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Guests are welcome to accompany attendees
at the Map Gallery Reception, Family Night at the Esri UC
Expo, 5K Fun Run/Walk, and the Thursday Night Party.
Additional fees for the 5K Fun Run/Walk and Thursday
Night Party may apply; please ask for more information
at the Registration Desk or the Activities Desk.