help! how do I attend sessions in the UC agenda??

07-13-2020 12:34 PM
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I cannot figure out how to work the agenda! Is it just me? 

I'm logged in and things that are happening currently (the first expo is live now, or Jack's plenary earlier) are not accessible from the agenda or the schedule. As in, there is no clickable link.  I did just notice the "add to agenda" option in the schedule, so I added the first expo to my agenda (clicked the star and now it is in "My Favorites"), but I still can't figure out how to "get in".


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Hi Lynn,  You can attend a session from this page: 2020 Esri User Conference: July 13–16 | Join Us Virtually 

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Multiple users in our org with current maintenance getting this error message despite registering and correctly logging in. Just a continuous error loop in IE and Chrome, after clearing cache. Why is ESRI blocking registered users current on their maintenance? 

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I will forward your message to the registration team so they can help.

Karen Capria

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We are so sorry you're experiencing this issue when logging in. Here are a couple of recommendations to try:

1) Try using a different browser, Chrome is recommended.

  • If you're already on Chrome, open an incognito window. Another option is to clear cache/cookies and close all browser windows before proceeding.

2) If you're using VPN, log out of it. 

3) Make sure you're going here to log in. Once you get to this page, scroll down and click on the blue button under the appropriate access level (All Access, Student Access, and Plenary Session Access Only). This is really important as some people click on the "Sign In" button located in the top right corner and that will often take them to the wrong place.

4) Lastly, some corporate IT settings will block websites. If you are attending the event on a device supplied by your employer or on your company's internet service, please have your IT team safe-list these addresses:

Also make sure to check out the UC Attendee Guide that has other great tips!

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Our organization uses Enterprise accounts, using a Single Sign-in, and most people were having this problem. The admins had to issue temporary non-Enterprise accounts for us to be able to log in.

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Turns out, my problem was I logged in to the UC landing page with my Esri login, but hadn't actually logged in to the event itself (whoops).  I noticed that the website was updated later in the day to make it more obvious.

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Thank you, Lynn, for that feedback! We noticed several attendees had a similar experience and did update the site overnight. When going to, make sure to go to this access page, scroll down and click "Log in to Esri UC 2020." For anyone reading this post that hasn't logged in yet, you will go to this same page, but first need to scroll down to the different access levels (All, Student, and Plenary) and click on the coordinating blue button to get started.