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A way to attend the 2024 UC in person outside of student ambassadorship or job support?

05-09-2024 10:56 AM
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This is a wild question and a last resort. My manager has removed the UC from our travel budget for this year and I'm looking to see if there's any way to attend the 2024 Esri UC in person outside of the student ambassadorship program? 

Curious if there are any other oppportunities out there or volunteer programs?

Amanda Huber



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Contact @MichelleMathias or @SimiBasu   ... my UC entrance from the last MVP period was to be donated, I haven't heard if it was, so if it is still available, it is yours.

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Thank you @DanPatterson . @Amanda__Huber  we will work on this and get back to you. @BriannaEttley  FYI