ArcPy Geoprocessor OMD v10 - Unofficial

02-16-2012 07:28 AM
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[INDENT]this is NOT the "official" arcpy OMD, it is just a photoshoped version with the new arcpy wording. It is helpful is you want a arcpy OMD to put up on your wall.

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Please post any revisions that I could include in future version.[/INDENT]
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Nice!  Going up on the lab wall tomorrow!
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Original User: lpugh01

There are many new modules, classes and functions in arcpy that have no equivalent in arcgisscripting so while this is a great start I think it will take quite a bit more effort to make it a complete document.

Maybe they'll make one for 10.1...
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There is just too many things that there needs to include.  Not sure if it is going to happen.

The arcpy OMD just just a great thing to have as a "starting point".
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Any chance of getting this on a bigger page size?

Without Acrobat, I seem to be stuck printing it to 11x17 max.

No chance to a plotter, etc...


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