ArcGIS Pro error when packaging project: The network dataset must be in a geodatabase

01-10-2020 06:45 AM
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When I try to package a project where I have created a network dataset (In ArcMap since ArcGIS Pro does not allow building network datasets yet), I get this error: 00189: The network dataset must be in a geodatabase. The error refers me to here: 00189: The network dataset must be in a geodatabase—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

However, this site does not tell me HOW to place the network dataset in a geodatabase. Any assistance appreciated.

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If it was a shapefile, use Copy features or FeatureClass to FeatureClass and make the destination a geodatabase rather than a folder... assuming you have a geodatabase to begin with, if not, you have to make a geodatabase first.

PS you can create a network dataset in Pro 2.5, which should be out in a week or so

What's New in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 - YouTube 

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Oh that's great! I do have a gdb with layers in it for this project. But here's what I tried: I deleted the network dataset since I do not need it after generating the distance polygons then tried to package it again. Error persists, and looking at it closer it actually points to the "Service Areas" layer that has the facilities, barriers, distance polygons, etc. sublayers. In reality I just need the distance polygons sublayer so I unchecked the rest (you cannot delete them). Attempted to save the distance polygons in the gdb using feature class to feature class. They do export, but upon adding to the map, they do not retain their 3 distance bands. All polygons are one color.

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If you want your exported polygons layer to have the same symbology, you can use the Apply Symbology From Layer tool.

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for your feedback on the help topic. We are working to improve the solution. As Dan said, creating network datasets will be possible beginning Pro 2.5. This will be the final step in adding your network dataset to your geodatabase prior to packaging.



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