errors creating trace network

10-02-2020 12:57 PM
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I'm trying to use a small portion of a stream to test out the new Trace Networks.  When I run Enable Network Topology, there are almost twice as many point errors (94) as there are nodes in the test stream (48).  The point errors are all point error 21 - Duplicate vertices.  However, the Explore tool only shows a single vertex at each point in the original feature class.

In addition, the point error feature class is located ~27K miles away from the original point features.  The original feature class, feature dataset and the trace network and its error feature classes are all in NAD 1983 HARN.

Wondering if anyone can suggest approaches for identifying and solving this problem?  Thanks!

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Good morning Chris,

Would you be able to provide sample data displaying the issue to review?  

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