TGI5 - Episode 035 - Network Path Planner

11-16-2021 03:24 PM
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Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s episode of Telecom GIS in 5 minutes. Today I wanted to continue our discussion on ready-to-use ArcGIS Solutions. These solutions bring industry-specific maps and apps to provide extensive capabilities that are developed with our user communities.

Today we are going to discuss a newer solution that is available to help you and your teams plan and optimize fiber routes. This solution is called the Network Path Planner solution. It is an ArcGIS Pro geoprocessing tool that uses Network Analyst to help plan fiber routes from A to B, or from multi-point to multi-point. Network Path Planner is the ArcGIS Pro version of the previous ArcMap based backhaul optimization solution.

Now we have covered how to deploy ArcGIS Solutions in previous episodes but in case you missed those I’ll provide a quick overview to get started.

As I mentioned the download ships with a Pro project and sample data which is displayed on the map here. Here we have our fiber backhaul which is our main fiber route indicated by the blue lines. And the orange diamonds represent your access points where you could splice cable or fiber to serve those cell sites so they become lit meaning data could be transferred at those locations. And speaking of cell sites within our sample data we have our remote locations indicated by these blue pins that we want to serve. Now, these could be schools, institutions, cell towers, etc.

So, with the Network Path Planner solution our goal is to use spatial analysis to find the closest facility or network location and daisy chain our target locations to reduce the amount of cable needed for the build-out. This solution now allows organizations to save on construction costs by leveraging the power of spatial analysis instead of manually drawing out these routes.

Network Path Planner provides an accurate, repeatable process to design a new communications network. It reduces the amount of time and local knowledge required to connect new sites to your existing network; thus reducing CAPEX costs.

To get started with one of the many ready-to-use solutions simply select a solution that meets your business needs, deploy it, adapt it to your organization, and then finally put it to use.

ArcGIS Solutions for Telecommunications help organizations manage communication system data, optimize backhaul routes, and match customers with services.

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Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Till the next time, we out.

Kyle Crawford | Solutions Engineer |  Telecommunications

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Hi Kyle,

I am using this tool in order to find the closest paths from sources to transmission centers. I will use these paths for preliminary pipeline infrastructure. Ideally, I need to assess the accumulated flow under each edge of the network. Thus, I wanted to ask if you know the right workflow to do so? Is there a way I can get from the Path Planner output to network analysis?


Thank you 

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Is there a way to have this "Ignore invalid locations during solve" like the backhaul optimization did, instead of the whole thing failing? This is causing us a lot of issues for us

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Hello Jon,

The Network Path Planner solution has the ignore invalid locations built into the solver of the Path Planner tool. Are you talking about the ignoreInvalidLocations Network Analyst route solver property ? 

Also looping in my team member @PaulLeBlanc1 

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Hello! Every time I am trying to run this I find a location that fails, and the whole script fails. Is there something I'm missing, an option or something on the path planner tool?

2023-06-27 11:48:39	(0.31)	Solver messages:
Level    Code       Message                                           
  Error       30212 Solve did not find a solution.                    
  Error -2147200971 No solution found.                                
Warning -2147200956 No "Destinations" found for "-10329" in "Origins".
2023-06-27 11:48:39	(0.01)	Solve failed.
To determine the cause of failure:
-  Expand the Diagnostic Options
-  Change the Logger Level to Debug
-  Check Analysis Result Options from the list
-  Specify an output for the Analysis Folder parameter
Then run the trace again and review the analysis folder for the results.


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I'd need to know more details such as the inputs your using for the tool to understand more but this error comes up when a target or network location cannot be routed to. 

I'll send you a message and see if we can set up some time to look at what's going on.

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