Telecom GIS In Five Minutes Video Series - Episode 018 - Maps for Everyone with ArcGIS for Office

07-20-2021 11:41 AM
Esri Contributor

Welcome back to Telecom GIS in Five Minutes. Last three weeks we spent some time in a couple of episodes to cover what else could be done with GIS in your day-to-day collaboration environment. Today, we are going to give you the last shot of booster to reveal the power behind the most basic office tool that you actually touch every day.

In the world of telecom, we look to data to understand when to act, how to allocate resources, and why patterns emerge. Spreadsheets and graphs make data come alive and reveal a story that impacts decision-making. Now, let's use maps to see the story from another perspective.

Do you know that 80% of the data has a spatial component and 65% of the people are spatial thinkers?

Location-based analysis shows you opportunities to take advantage of and overcome obstacles. ArcGIS Maps for Office uses the power of the ArcGIS mapping platform to enable Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint users within the industry to ask location-related questions of data, get new insights, and make smarter decisions.

Get started now:

ArcGIS Maps for Office - Link

Get started with ArcGIS Maps for Office - Link

Case Study "Police Department Boosts Officer Investigations with Mapping Technology" - Link

Feel free to reach out at any time if you had any questions or inquiries about our GIS for telecom.

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