Will GeoConX 2018 Recent Proceedings be available in one place like they are for 2017 (link: http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/geoconx17/index.html)?

11-16-2018 07:23 AM
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I see that the 2017 ESRI GeoConX Conference Recent Proceedings are available online in ESRI's Events library (link below). I do not see any such thing for 2018 GeoConX.

Will the recent proceedings from 2018 GeoConX become available in one place like 2017 GeoConX content?

  • Link to 2017 ESRI GeoConX Conference Recent Proceedings: Recent Proceedings 
  • Link to GeoNet Telecommunications Community/Place where you can search for #GeoConX in "Ask The Community" to find some content from the conference (see snip): Telecommunications 
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Christy Steffke‌ Yes, the 2018 presentations and sessions will posted online around the week of week of Nov 26-30.  I'll be sure to make posting on GeoNet when they are up. 

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