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07-15-2015 12:41 PM
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I'm looking for a way to download the Fiber Data Management Tools (Mature Support) | ArcGIS for Telecommunications add-in. The product page has information on installing it, but no links to the download. I found what seems to be the project page on GitHub, but the zip file does not contain the esriTelcoTools.esriAddIn file (only a similarly named .csproj file). I know it's in "Mature Support", but does anyone know where I can download this?

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Why is this items being discontinued? Will a replacement be offered?

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Hello Keith,

We at Esri have found that the partner solutions available better supports managing fiber data. At this time there are no plans for replacing these tools. However, as part of the product life cycle these tools are still supported as Mature Support, no additional enhancements will be added.

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Fiber Utility Management System (FUMS) is best fit for your needs

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