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Revenue Growth: Sales Analytics & Serviceability

12-16-2019 09:50 AM
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In this next Geospatially Enabling Telecom blog we'll look at a few of the Esri solutions to help your organization grow revenue.  Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are always looking for ways to increase revenues. Revenue growth starts with understanding market demand and performing sales analytics. Next, it moves into ensuring a successful customer journey by accurately qualifying a prospect and service fulfillment. Finally, it goes into retaining and upselling the customer for continued revenue streams. Esri's solutions for revenue growth can help CSPs increase revenue by leveraging spatial analytics with existing market demand and sales analysis to locate high-growth areas and upsell opportunities, while enabling presales engineers and customer sales representatives (CSRs) to qualify customers in a quarter of the time. Esri also provides geospatial tools and maps to the organization for improving customer retention.  

Market Demand

Greenfield Opportunity Analysis

Understanding market demand allows for the right product or service to be offered to the right customer at the right time. With Esri's greenfield opportunity analysis solution you can easily locate market demand with geospatial analytics and Esri's demographic data.  With a GIS based service request app, you can start to capture the location of off-net service requests to be leveraged in network planning. And ArcGIS Business Analyst is a focused app to assist in greenfield opportunity analysis that brings together analytics and demographic data. The video below shows how you can leverage off-net service requests and ArcGIS Business Analyst.

Getting Started with Greenfield Opportunity Analysis

To get started and for more information, check out the service request solution template and take a look at the capabilities ArcGIS Business Analyst can offer for market analysis.

Sales Analytics

Upsell Opportunity Analysis

Spatial analytics support sales analytics in many ways—from retail analysis to customer 360 analysis to service qualification analysis. ArcGIS offers hundreds of ready-to-use spatial analytics tools to geographically analyze customer data and qualify customers faster. Create smart maps using ArcGIS Business Analyst that allows you to set an ideal customer demographic criteria, and locate all geographic areas that meet your criteria. See how in the video below.

Getting Started with Upsell Opportunity Analysis

To get started and for more information, check out the ArcGIS Business Analyst solution.

Serviceability & High-level Estimates

Enable staff in your organization to identify an optimized network route to customer locations by configuring the Serviceability and High-level Estimates solution. Serviceability lets pre-sales engineers to specify the customer’s location and determine the shortest route or use the business influence feature to find a route with maximum business potential. After determining the best route, save the results to share with your organization. Turn around service qualification requests faster with these serviceability and high-level estimate tools.

Serviceability & High-level Estimates - Instant Qualification

Serviceability & High-level Estimates - Network Planning

Getting Started with Serviceability & High-level Estimates

To get started and for more information, check out the downloadable solution template.

Customer Retention

Customer 360 Analysis

Reducing churn and upselling customers drive revenue growth. Boost customer engagement and improve the customer journey with ArcGIS. Geographically monitor NPS and customer sentiment and better understand the demographic characteristics of your customers.  With the customer 360 analysis tools in ArcGIS, you can analyze 100s of variables in your customer 360 database to better understand which variables impact churn.  Then use those analysis results as a model to run machine learning against your current customers to get alerts of when a customer is likely to churn.

Getting Started with Customer 360 Analysis

To get started and for more information, check out AI/ML tools in ArcGIS and the Forest-based Classification tools. 


Also, be sure to re-watch the whole Revenue Growth Webinar from earlier this year to see all of the Esri solutions in action.


Resource Optimization: Optimizing Assets, People, & Processes

In the next Geospatially Enabling Telecom blog we’ll look at how telecommunication companies are optimizing their assets and field operations with digital, real-time, map based analytics and mobile apps. We'll focus on some ways our uses are reducing trips to the field with ArcGIS Field Apps. Please feel free to comment below on anything covered in this blog, and to provide feedback or offer suggestions on functionality you would like to see in any of the Esri revenue growth business offerings, and for more information on all of Esri's solutions for telecommunications visit


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