Geospatially Enabling Telecom: A Complete GIS for Telecommunications

07-30-2019 01:22 PM
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This years Esri Users Conference was another great event for GIS users in telecommunications.  One apparent observation was that the need for GIS and maps in support of telecom workflows is growing, and not only for traditional telecom service providers but for other industries that are starting to, or have been, deploying communications networks.  Because of this growing demand for GIS in telecom, the Esri Telecom Team will be releasing a series of blogs in correlation with the ongoing Telecommunications Webinar Series to explore new ways of Geospatially Enabling Telecom.  The ongoing webinar series and these blogs will look at how GIS and maps can support all aspects of the telecom business from network planning, to fulfillment, to assurance and how GIS directly impacts today's trends and driver's in the industry. The business drivers we'll focus on and explore GIS use cases within will be Network Transformation, Resource Optimization, Revenue Growth, Customer Experience, and Digital Services.

A Complete GIS for Telecommunications

In order to support the above technology trends and business drivers, GIS has needed to evolve from simple mapping software to a complete GIS platform supported by geospatial infrastructure.  This geospatial infrastructure which includes a system of record, system of engagement, and system of insights is moving into the cloud and giving organizations a web GIS, opening up geospatial web services for consumption in different OSS/BSS applications.


ArcGIS is the only Complete GIS digitally transforming telecommunications that offers geospatial infrastructure and focused business offerings designed specifically for telecommunications.  In the blogs to come we'll dive deeper into Esri's focused business offerings for telecommunications and how they support today's industry drivers along with how to get started with the solution.  Some of the offerings to look out for include:

Network Transformation (Watch Webinar)

Resource Optimization (Register for Webinar)

Revenue Growth (Watch Webinar)

Customer Experience (Watch Webinar)

Digital Services (Register for Webinar)

Network Transformation: A Strategic Investment in New Capabilities

In the next Geospatially Enabling Telecom blog we’ll discuss Esri's offerings for Network Transformation and how GIS is supporting network projects around 5G and fiber deployments. For more information on all of Esri's solutions for telecommunications visit


- Esri Telecom Team


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