Sign Inventory Solution Schema?

12-10-2020 08:25 AM
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I just deployed the Sign Inventory Solution to my AGOL account to begin collecting information on our street signs. As I am looking through the pre-configured feature layers, I see some fields that I have no idea what they are for or what information should go in them. Is there any schema metadata available for this solution that would give more information on each field and how it should be, or could be used? I am not a subject matter expert on street signs, so I am trying to learn about them from scratch so we can build this dataset (we don't have anyone else in the city that has time to work on this with me so I am doing this alone). I am also not really sure how to relate the signs and poles layers (I assume the poles get the unique identifiers which are then assigned to that pole's signs and related based on that unique id?) or best practices for symbolizing the poles/signs to make the map useable. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Also having this same issue, I have 75,000 posts and 115,000 faces and would like to populate the solution to try and solve some "moving to esri" issues.
I'd love some instructions or Meta data like <ObjectID = tableID, FacilityID = post id? and attachID = SignFaceID?>
Domains are all different than ours, but I can update that.
Reporting a sign down is different then our current method and I'd love someone to explain to a non-esri data manager.

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