Has anyone used Woods and Poole Economics data?

12-16-2020 10:35 AM
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Has any one in the community used data from Woods and Poole economics? I'm a GIS Programmer working with our county DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) office on gathering demographic data. We're already using Census and some Living Atlas data, but Woods and Poole sounded like an interesting source.

They seem to have been used by several other local governments that I can tell, just curious if anyone would recommend them?


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These websites are good sources of comprehensive economics statistics:

  • Statista
  • Woods and Poole Economics
  • The Global Economy
  • World Economics
  • CEIC
  • Trading Economics
  • Vizala
  • The World Bank
  • Bureau Of Economic Analysis
  • EconomyWatch

The top ones are the best & most authentic. They will provide you with great analysis & close to exact real-world data figures. If you're interested in Woods then it is also a great site with authenticity. I remember when I started reading this site a few years back. One of my uni friends sent it to me for assignment help & I thought it was a site on economies of the woodwork. Because my friend was into woodworking but then I realised it was much much more. Been reffering to it ever since. But also take a look at all others I've mentioned above.

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