Arc Publisher and Annotation Layers Support

12-07-2018 07:51 AM
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Our department that handles data requests recently upgraded from ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 to 10.3.1.  They use Arc Publisher extension when fulfilling data requests.  The reason is that it provides users with both the data and a program to view the data.

The included data includes four Annotation layers.  At version 10.0 and earlier, there were no problems.  However, when they tried their workflow at 10.3.1, they encountered an issue.  After reading the Esri help docs, I learned that Annotation layers can "only be packaged using the copy option."

Does this mean we have to use the copy tool or manually copy the file geodatabase into the Arc Publisher output directory? Or is there some other step I don't understand.

And if that is what is meant by copy data, then how does the map viewer program know to access the Annotation layers?

Or do we need to completely change our process to fulfilling data requests? I called support, but also wanted the input of users.

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