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Symbology Quantities Graduated Colors Only Displays One Point on Map

05-17-2021 10:05 AM
New Contributor

I am having a difficult time with the symbology of data points I am working with.

.cv file
display x,y data
export as .dbf
turned off some fields in table
projected coordinate system to match data frame
add fields
Field Calculator to calculate what I wanted to display (split one field into two separate numerical fields)
Symbology, Quantities, Graduated Colors Ramp...

Shows up in symbology box that there are multiple values
(I chose 32 classes with Jenks breaks)
On the map literally only shows ONE POINT.

Any thoughts? Bumming me out. I did exactly the same thing with a different data set and it worked out just fine. This one is being problematic for some reason just with displaying on the map.

Thank you so much!! 
Jenna 😃

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