Spatially analyzing tree sway patterns

04-10-2014 10:11 AM
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I am a master's student working on tree sway analysis.  I use ArcGIS to create point density contours of each tree's movement over time.  I have points of a tree's location as it moves in the wind every 1/10th of a second for an hour, which I import as X and Y spatial data.  I then use Spatial Analyst to create a point density contour of the tree's location.  I have attached an image of an example of tree sway.  I would like to be able to quantify the spatial distribution/pattern of the contours, but am unsure how.  I can turn the outline of the outer contour into a polygon - however I am unsure how to get spatial information about the shape of sway.  I would love to figure out a way to look at the symmetry of the shape, or perhaps the longest axis of symmetry (what direction the tree is swaying in) (perhaps by quadrant so I can quantify trees that sway in more than one primary direction).  I also have the point data I used to create this contour which I could analyze for spatial patterns, etc.

Any idea or suggestions is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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