how to interpolate with residuals

04-29-2012 07:24 AM
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Probably this question has been answered before, but I did a search and found no clues.
I want to interpolate Temperature surface from a set of stations. I have a DEM, and UTMx, UTMy for each station.
I made a linear multiple regression on temperature against UTMx, UTMy and elevation, ans now I have a formula. Then I calculate the residuals for each station and I am told to interpolate (kriging) with these residuals and then add this to the surface that results from the linear regression.
My question is... If I only had made the regression con the elevation model, I will use the Raster calculator and make the "no-residuals" surface to wich I will add the interpolated residual surface. But I also have latitude and longitude. Should I create a raster for the longitude and a raster for the latitudes? Remember that I only have the coordinates for the stations, and are points.

Thanks in advance
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