hot spot analysis

10-31-2011 11:13 AM
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I'm trying to perform a hot spot analysis on road kill point data and I am not sure how to do this. I know there are many tools in the Spatial Statistic Tools and also the Spatial Analysis tools, but not quite sure which tool to use. I just want to determine the clusters or hot spots of the points for road kill.
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Hi Stephanie,

There are tons of resources that will help you get started with your hot spot analysis.  You can find links to a lot of our resources here:  A good place to start might be several of the short videos, including Performing Proper Density Analysis, Hot Spot Analysis Part 1, Hot Spot Analysis Part 2, Hot Spot Analysis Part 3, and a one-hour free seminar called Introduction to Spatial Pattern Analysis.  There is also a Hot Spot Analysis Tutorial which I think you'll find very useful.  It walks step by step through performing a hot spot analysis, and helps you understand the decisions that you're making along the way.
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