Hot spot analysis indicated the areas with 0 value as hot spot?

09-16-2014 08:09 AM
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Hi everyone,


    I'm trying to do hot spot analysis using ArcGIS 10.1 and I have a question--

  When examine the result, I found that many polygons marked as hot spot were actually with 0 value, which should have been cold spots. I understand that hotpost analysis calculates the values within a certain defined areas instead of the original polygons, but is this normal?


   Some more background:

   I tried to look at whether there is cluster of psychiatric patients in a county. I have census tract data with a column showing how many psychiatric patients are there in a census tract. There are many  (more than a half) census tracts without any psychiatric patients.


   I used both fixed distance band and spatial weights matrix to do the hot spot analysis. When used fixed distance band, I used spatial auto correlation to generate the distance, and I choose the max peak, (because the when first peak occured, some features had no neighbor). Both fixed distance band and spatial weights matrix methods yield the similar result (tracts with 0 value are marked as hot spots).


   I really appreciate if anyone can offer me any suggestion. Thanks in advance!

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